Saving money: Lower your heating/electric bills

The temperature’s dropping, and the heating bill is rising! The Frugal Girls recently asked their readers for tips on how to save money this cold winter. They received lots of great ideas for cutting back your electric/gas bills.

Here a few ideas (and click on the link below to read the all of them!)

  • Don’t close too many vents at one time. HVAC contractors warn that trying to force 100% of your heated air through too few vents will quickly burn up your furnace’s motor.
  • How about an electric mattress warmer? Get your bed warmed up, then dial down the thermostat and snuggle in.
  • Put your water heater on a timer.

To read all the tips from fellow frugal readers, click here: Frugal Heating Tips



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3 responses to “Saving money: Lower your heating/electric bills

  1. Insulate the basement walls. People often incorrectly think that they need to insulate the ceiling in the basement when it would be best to get some heat to the basement and insulate the walls instead.

  2. Hey Frugal,
    With a big attic, especially an old house (I absolutely LOVE inspecting old homes, btw), you have two concerns. First insulating for the winter and secondly, venting in the summer.

    Insulating for the winter. I think the easiest way for a DIYer would be to blow in insulation on your own. Most big home improvement stores sell supplies as well as rent the machinery. Wear a mask and step only on joists. Put in about 15″ of insulation and you should be good. If you have soffit vents, which is unlikely in an old house, do not cover them.

    Now, the summer. You need to keep the temp in the attic to below 130 degrees in the hot times. You need vents to the attic to create an upflow of hot air out a higher vent with cooler air coming in lower vent to replace the hot air (since hot air rises). A ridge vent with some types of gable vents, soffit vents, etc. This will make your second floor a bit cooler as well as extend the life of your shingles.

    I’m usually not so stuffy and boring. Hope this helps. If you have a crawlspace which many older homes do I am going to do a post on tips for a DIYer on that topic soon.

    Have a great new years and I’ll look for your posts,


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