Hot new board game: Remix Kit!

Via Cory Doctorow:

The most insanely clever Christmas gift idea of the year must be Hide&Seek’s inspired Boardgame Remix Kit.

Having observed that the four most common household boardgames — Monopoly, Cluedo (aka Clue), Trivial Pursuit, and Scrabble — are often tedious and frustrating and overlong, the game designers at Hide&Seek set about to create a whole book’s worth of variant rulesets and tweaks that use some or all of the pieces from some or all of the games.

They’ve arrived at a set of games that are incredibly fun to play, treating the wicked bits and pieces (all those green houses, exciting little murder weapons, handy letter-tiles, question cards and pie-wedges) as infrastructure on which new, better games may be built.

You can get it in book (coming soon)/ebook (now available) form, as a deck of cards, or a mobile app.

Buy it here: BoardGame Remix Kit


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