Saying thanks, internet-style

On Thursday, I’ll be saying special thanks for my family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, blog readers and everyone else who brings such joy to my life. THANK YOU! And here are three fun sites to share your gratitude, blessings and joy every day, not just Thanksgiving, courtesy of Womans Day magazine:

* Thanks-o-meter:  Started as a way to highlight nice things people do for each other every day, this site allows you to anonymously thank people for a kind gesture — or just be inspired by others’ stories. A drop-down menu lets you choose from more than 50 options (including “for being courteous” and “for a job well done) or adding your own reason. Then share your story.

* Grace in Small Things:  Here members list five things they’re grateful for every day. To get started, the site lets you create your own blog. You also can upload photos and videos. There are lots of groups within the site (“Writing together,” “Doodling small things,” etc). The site is fairly new, so it’s easy to navigate and meet new friends.

Attitude of Gratitude Project:  This site on Facebook encourages members to answer the question “What are you grateful for today?” There are more than 16,000 members so far, and the group has get-togethers, gatherings with guest speakers and more.


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