Free holiday shipping kit from USPS

The U.S. Postal Service is offering free flat-rate shipping kits. Just complete the form, and you’ll receive four flat rate boxes, a flat rate gift card envelope and a helpful tip sheet.

While you’re at the USPS site, check out the new Forever stamps with a holiday theme. There are four stamps, each decorated with beautiful closeups of conifer foliage and cones.

Click here: Free Shipping Kit

Click here: Forever Stamps



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4 responses to “Free holiday shipping kit from USPS

  1. Lynn

    Hey is this all free as in postage and all or do they just send you the boxes cause you can always get those free??? These are tough times and if this is including free shipping also then this is a great deal that we all should jump in on and that might get more business in the future. If not then they just pulled one over on all of us.

    • I can’t imagine that the shipping is free. The boxes are free, and they deliver them to your house, saving you a trip to the postal center. The boxes are “flat rate,” meaning you can put something heavy in the box and it will ship for the same price as something light.

      It’s a tough time for the Postal Service, and I’m just tickled they’re giving away the boxes! I never have one at the house when I need one.

  2. Lynn

    If you go to their website you will see that you can order this same package anytime free or any of the sizes free to have sent to your home. So this really isn’t much of a deal after all. Just another gimmick to get you and pray you buy in to it like most of us will. But I checked into the site and saw that they are all free anyway and wanted to see if the postage was free just one time for the holidays and NO as you just said. So I think I can send cheaper elsewhere. Thanks for the quick answer.

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