Funky, recycled envelopes

Green Prophet, an environmental news site reporting on the Middle East, is fascinating. This morning they have stories on Red Sea sharks, Libyan Oil looking to buy a stake in BP (ack!), natural tips to relieve migraines, electric cars in Israel, and Middle East summer recipes. It’s chock-full of interesting stories.

Here’s their take on recycling junk mail into envelopes:  “With all of the colorful designs on a lot of junk mail catalogs and solicitations, many of them can make unique envelopes. They are extremely easy to make, and these one-of-a-kind, funky envelopes are sure to put a smile on your addressee’s (and maybe even your postman’s) face.”

To find out how to transform your junk mail into beautiful envelopes: Funky, beautiful, recyled


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