Chicken for vuvuzelas

Vuvuzelas? Yes, those obnxious, ubiquitous squawking horns heard at the World Cup. KFC’s “Vuvuzela Exchange Program” will give the first 500 people to send in a vuvuzela by July 15 vouchers for a free sandwich.

Do us all a favor and send in your noisemaker to: KFC Corporate Headquarters, Attention: Vuvuzela Exchange Program, 1900 Colonel Sanders Lane, Louisville, KY 40213. Include your return mailing address so KFC can send you a $5 gift check.

“We hope vuvuzela owners from coast to coast take us up on our offer to trade in their noisemakers …. That would produce the kind of buzz that’s easy on the ears and the taste buds,” said KFC’s president. If KFC is swamped with these plastic torture devices, they may consider issuing more coupons.


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