Veggies, BBQ Thursday in Rock Hill!

Passed on from Dan Huntley,

“barbecue provocateur”:

    A pickup-load of crook-necked squash and Silver queen corn will be joining a posse of smoked porkers on Thurs., June 24, at the newly opened Old Town Markets in downtown Rock Hill. 
        …We FINALLY have an honest-to-god FARMERS MARKET in Rock Hill, and it cranks up Thursday 5-8 p.m. outside of the Gettys Center on Main Street. 
   Dan Huntley will have his newly christened Mobile Kitchen/Katrina Wagon serving “Smoke”  bbq sandwiches and pound-o-porks to go.
        If you are one of those folks who complain about grocery store tomatoes that taste like carboard (because they were picked green threee  weeks ago in California) and you want a REAL tomato sandwich — I’m talking about a red lucious Better Girl between 2 slices of white bread and a big slather of Duke’s mayo, come on down Thursday night and support your local farmers and help get this thang off the ground. 
       EAT LOCAL – or it will be gone.


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2 responses to “Veggies, BBQ Thursday in Rock Hill!

  1. barb

    so is the farmers market on Thursday nights only? What are the hours? Thanks

  2. The new farmer’s market, behind the Gettys Center at East Main and Caldwell streets, will feature local foods and crafts every second and fourth Thursday through Aug. 26.

    When I went on Thursday, it was rockin’. Lots of vendors, crafts, music … Very impressive! Hope to see you there

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